Add users to multiple teams via the ‘User import’

Step one

  • Make sure all teams are up to date.
  • If any new teams need to be added then do a team import or add them manually before performing the user import

Step two

The value in the import file is it completely replaces the field value. It does not supplement it with new values but changes the old values with the new ones from the file. So, to change the current team, you just need to write/update a new team in the csv file.

Preparing your csv file before importing

  • Multiple teams will identified on a single line of the import CSV.
    Teams should be separated by ||| character for example
    CSV example
Also see Full guidance on data imports
Related questions

How do I update the team information for a user if they move or are added to a new team?
Simply update the import file by updating the single line for that user as defined in Step two.

What would happen in the case that there is more than one line defining a user in the import file? For example

Multiline CSV

In the case when you have a CSV file it will return the following:

line 2 will create/update the user with GUID 1234.

line 3 will update the user with GUID 1234: the Telephone and Team will be replaced, the new value will be set.

So, as the result, we will see a user with [Telephone]  0101010101 and [Team] Sales

NOTE. The Telephone field is not multiple, so we can only have one actual value for this field.