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The intranet wide update in January 2024 includes significant improvements and changes. 

Decision Tree has been implemented thanks to the help of our sister company Invuse and has been redesigned to deliver a more intuative and visual building and previewing experience for content creators. Users can now build a Decision Tree with little effort in minutes .


Be able to access the ‘Decision Tree’ app

  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select ‘Apps’  and then ‘Decision Tree
  2. You will be redirected to the ‘Decision Tree‘ ‘Dashboard‘ screen
  3. Here you will be presented with ‘Dashboard Options(1) these are:
    1. Edit‘: Modify the selected decision tree
    2. Clone‘: Create a copy of the decision tree
    3. Revisions‘: Manage different versions of your tree
    4. Results‘: View user interaction data
    5. Delete‘: Remove the decision tree from your dashboard
  4. Search Bar’ (2)
    1. Utilise the search function to find specific decision trees quickly

      Decision Tree Dashboard





Be able to Create your ‘Decision Tree’ 

  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select ‘Apps’  and then ‘Decision Tree
  2. You will be redirected to the ‘Decision Tree‘ ‘Dashboard‘ screen
  3. In the top right corner of the screen select the ‘Create New Decision Tree‘ button

    Create New Decision Tree Button


  4. Here you will be redirected to the ‘Build‘ tab
  5. Title and description(1):
    1. Add a title (Up to 255 characters) and an optional description
  6. Adding a Question(2):
    1. Type your question and an optional description
  7. Adding options(3):
    1. Click ‘Add option‘ for more choices (Up to 255 characters)
    2. Provide descriptions or statements for each of the options (Unlimited text)
    3. Use text formatting options to style the question or statement as required

      Build a Decision Tree


Build (Creating)

Creating your ‘Decision Tree’ 

  1. Follow steps 1-7 from above
  2. Connecting Paths'(4):
    1. Use the dropdown box to choose the next question or endpoint for the path
  3. Left Hand Drawer‘ (LHD) (5):
    1. Use the left arrow icon to open and close the left-hand drawer.
    2. As you build your decision tree, the path you’re creating will appear in the left-hand drawer.
    3. This feature allows you to visualise how your decision tree’s structure is growing.

      Creating Your Decision Tree


Visual Mode Tab

Visual representation of your tree’s structure 

  1. Orientation Mode‘:
    1. Choose between a horizontal or vertical layout for your decision tree.
  2. Zoom and Full-Screen Modes‘:
    1. Adjust the view and size of your tree using zoom and full-screen options
  3. Adding Questions and Options‘:
    1. Questions are represented by diamond shapes 
    2. Options are represented by circle shapes
    3. To add another question or option, click ‘Add Step‘ and then select ‘Add Question‘ or ‘Add Option

      Visual Mode Tab


  4. Ending the Tree‘:
    1. To end a branch, use the ‘End Tree’ option
  5. Path Lines‘:
    1. Path lines connect decisions, statements, questions, and endpoints (Orange triangle)
  6. Display Options‘:
    1. Duplicate‘ – Create a copy of a branch
    2. Delete‘ – Remove a selected question or branch
    3. Attach‘ – Add a new question to a chosen branch
    4. Link‘ – Connect to an external resource or file
    5. Save‘ –  Save your current decision tree

      Visual Mode Tab 2


Revision History Tab

Managing Decision Tree Versions 

  1. Revision History Tab‘:
    1. Keep track of different decision tree versions
    2. Monitor changes using timestamps and user identifiers

Revision History Tab


Admin Tab

Managing System Settings 

  1. Admin Tab‘:
    1. Export your decision tree as a PDF
    2. Customise administrative settings

Admin Tab



Reviewing your Questionnaire 

  1. Using Preview Mode
    1. After completing your decision tree setup, click on the ‘Preview‘ button to enter Preview Mode
  2. Navigating Questions
    1. View your answered questions and selected answers below the screen
    2. To go to the next question, click ‘Continue

      Decision Tree Preview

  3. Changing an Answer
    1. Click ‘Change
    2. A warning dialog will pop up
    3. You can choose ‘Confirm‘ to make the change or ‘Cancel’ to keep your current answer
  4. Starting Over
    1. Click ‘Start‘ again 
    2. A confirmation dialog box will appear
    3. You can select ‘Confirm‘ to reset and restart or ‘Cancel‘ to continue where you left off.

      Decision Tree Preview

View full video demo


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