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Welcome to our Design builder app! In this demo, we’ll be highlighting key features for designing web graphics such as banners and footers.

Video transcript

Introducing the Design Building Widget, your powerful tool for creating stunning layouts and content.

Let’s dive in and see how it works.

With this functionality, you can effortlessly create both simple and complex nested layouts.
Use these layouts in standalone Design Widget Cards or seamlessly integrate them into your what-you-see-is what-you-get, content.

It’s perfect for short or long-form content, whether it’s news, blogs or building web page components such as site footers, or web banners.

Your layouts are made up of columns and rows. Each row can be customized with various columns, and each column can be divided into regions.

Regions are incredibly versatile, supporting a wide range of what-you-see-is what-you-get options including text, images, call-outs, and embedded content. Plus, all layouts are fully responsive.

Now, let’s explore the Layout what-you-see-is-what-you-get capabilities. You can easily add, modify, or remove layouts to suit your design needs.
Customize your layouts with various configuration options.”
You can tweak settings like border radius and border display to achieve the desired look.
And let’s not forget the region configuration options.Easily change background colors, fine-tune vertical alignment, and decide whether your images should be responsive or have a fixed display.

With the Design Building Widget, your creative possibilities are endless. Start building your amazing layouts, today.

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