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GDPR – Bulk Actions

Learn more about ‘Bulk Actions’

GDPR – Bulk Actions



Use the ‘Bulk Actions’ for GDPR 


  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select ‘Administration’  (small cog)

    Administration cog


  2. Select the ‘Users’ tab on the Left Hand Side (LHS)
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘User Management’ screen

    User management


  4. Select 1 or more user for the ‘Bulk Actions’ button to appear
  5. Select the ‘Bulk Actions’ button 
  6. Choose from:
    1. Anonymise user
    2. Delete user
    3. Reassign content


Anonymise User


  1. Select the ‘Bulk Actions’ button then ‘Anonymise user
  2. Note: Anonymising a user is the process of stripping a user of all their personal data whilst keeping their content that hasn’t been reassigned to another user- Their name will be kept unless their Forename / surname is empty, in which case their User ID will be used.


Delete User


  1. Select the ‘Bulk Actions’ button then ‘Delete User
  2. Note: Once a user has been deleted you are unable to revert the action

    Select delete user


Reassign Content


  1. Select the ‘Bulk Actions’ button then ‘Reassign Content
  2. Note: Once content is reassigned to a new user, then all instance of content will display the new authors first and last name


Email notifications

When content is reassigned the new owner of the content will receive an email notification when content has been assigned to them

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