Message Wall

A  communication tool that allows you to share micro-news updates with your colleagues. 

What’s New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been changes made to the current areas on the intranet. Some of the changes surrounding Social Apps (Message Wall, Ideas, Groups, Queries & Blogs) are:

Admin Tab – The admin tab is now accessible from within the section of the social app. Here you can now administer:

  • The category (Message Wall, Ideas, Groups & Queries)
  • Comment options
  • App Icon

Dashboard – Dashboard chart headers have been updated to have standardised labeling across social apps

Features include

  • Post quick messages to colleagues 
  • @mention to notify colleagues of your message
  • Messages can be moderated, before or after they are posted on the message wall
  • Interact with posts using the like  and comment options 
  • Add hashtags
  • Categorise messages
  • View the ‘Dashboards’ to see the most popular message type, best contributors and most mentioned users and hashtags.
  • Filter message wall posts by selecting a category such as ‘well done


Once you have logged in, go to ‘Apps’ and then ‘Message Wall’ and you will be directed to the ‘Message Wall’ home screen

View Message wall


Features available:

    • ‘View’ all existing messages 
    • ‘Search’ for a message
    • Interact with existing messages by leaving a ‘Comment’ and making use of the interaction features available
    • ‘Create’ a new message 
    • Sort and filter messages 
    • Access the ‘Dashboard’ tab
    • Access the ‘Admin’ tab
    • ‘Like’ a message
    • ‘Save’ a message
      1. Navigate to the ‘Filters’ bar
      2. Select the ‘Filter’ that you wish to apply
      3. Select the ‘APPLY FILTERS’ option

    Apply filters












    Users can carry out searches using the filter options available to:

      • Sort by: Oldest, Newest and Relevance
      • Created date: Forever, Last 30 days , Last 7 days, Yesterday, Today, Date range 
      • Option to only view your messages
      • View posts by certain  authors
      • View posts by category
      • View posts by hashtags


    Create a post

    Share updates with others using the Invotra Message Wall feature! 

      • @mention other users to notify them of message – To @mention another user in a message, simply add the @ symbol followed by the name of user
      • Add hashtags – Add a # followed by tag

    To post a message:

      1. Navigate to the ‘+ CREATE’ option

        Create button


      2. Insert your ‘Message
      3. Select the category the ‘Message’ should be in
      4. Select ‘POST


    Messaging features available:

      • Like and Bookmark comments
      • Edit own message
      • Report message


    Like and Follow

    To Follow / Like comments, please select the relevant option from highlighted:

    Like & Save button


    Users can report a ‘Message’ that does not follow guidelines

      1. Select the ‘’ option located on the top left of the message
      2. Select the ‘Report’ option from the options displayed
      3. Add a reason for flagging the message 
      4. Select ‘REPORT


    The ‘Message Wall’ dashboard allows users to see the:

      • Most popular message type
      • Best contributors 
      • Most mentioned users and hashtags!
      • Total number of messages on the message wall
      • Number of messages being posted from each location

      1. Select ‘Message Wall’  option
      2. From tab options select the ‘DASHBOARD’ option

        Dashboard tab


    App admin

    Message Category

    View and manage all ‘Message Categories’ .

      1. From the ‘Message Wall admin’ screen, select the ‘MESSAGE CATEGORY’ tab

        Admin tab


      2. This page displays all the message categories available, from here you can:
        • Navigate to the ‘Action’ option to:
          • Edit’ an existing category
          • Delete’ an existing category 

          Add message Category


        • Order’ the message categories 
    Comment Options

    Choose how users can interact


    1. From the ‘Message Wall admin’ screen, select the ‘COMMENT OPTIONS’ tab
    2. You will be directed to the ’Comment options’ tab. 
    3. Activate comments’ – Users can add comments to messages
    4. Activate WYSIWYG editor’ – Users can style the text for comments

      Comment options


    App Icon

    Add an icon to the ‘Message Wall’ page title.

      1. From the ‘ADMIN’ tab select the ‘APP ICONS’ tag
      2. You will be directed to the ‘Apps icon’ screen. Select the ‘CHOOSE FILE’ option or drop an image within the box displayed
      3. Upload a file by selecting the ‘Choose file‘ button.
      4. To delete a file, select the ‘Delete‘ icon


    View and ‘Manage’ all hashtags available.


      1. From the ‘ADMIN’ tab select the ‘Hashtags’ tag
      2. This page displays all the hashtags available, from here you can select the ‘Actions’ option to delete a hashtag which is no longer required
      3. Select ‘SAVE



     Social Apps – Customise Page

    Please see attached ‘Customise Page – How to’ documentation for more information



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