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Page Builder: Content type widgets

Welcome to our Page builder app! In this demo, we’ll be looking at commonly used widgets on Content type page layouts.

Video transcript

In this video, we’ll explore the commonly used widgets on Content type page layouts.

Let’s start with the Title widget. It allows you to customize the title of your page by overriding the default text.
You can also adjust the heading size and add a link to the title.


Now, let’s explore the Featured Image widget.
With this widget, you can change the image style, enable manual cropping, and even set it to link to specific content.


Next, we have the Content Type Field Widget. This versatile widget lets you showcase related information and add interactive buttons to enhance the functionality of your content.


Moving on we have the Summary widget. This widget displays a concise plain text summary of your content. It’s perfect for providing a quick overview or teaser of what your content is about.


Next up is Body widget. It displays all your WYSIWYG content so no configuration is required.


Next up is the Related Info widget. This widget allows you to display related information and include links for additional resources or references. It’s a great way to provide context and additional content to your users.

Lastly, we have the attachments widget. Here, you can override the title and customize the label display style to suit your design preferences.

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