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What's New

The intranet wide update in January 2024 includes significant improvements and changes. 

Improvements applied to existing features and functionality include:

    • Left Hand Side (LHS) - the LHS of the users screen has now been prioritised for just content creation.
    • Right Hand Side (RHS) - the RHS Draw is now the ‘administrative’ section of the content types. 
    • Configuration Panel - Is now located at the bottom of the content type and contains ‘Engage’, ‘Links’, ‘Promote’, ‘Search’, ‘Tags’ and ‘Target’
    • WYSIWYG Options - Post update when you access the WYSIWYG you will see the options specific to your role

Create and edit

Be able to create a ‘Poll’

  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select the ‘Create’ icon (+)

    create button


  2. Select “Poll” under the “Content” heading
  3. Give your ‘poll’ a title

    create poll

  4. Select “Question” and input your question
  5. Add answer in the “Answers” section
  6. Select “Add Answer” to add more than one



View Polls

Be able to view ‘Polls‘ 

    1. Navigate to a ‘Poll‘ that you would like to view
    2. Select the ‘Poll‘ 
    3. Select the ‘Overflow’ menu located in the top right corner (‘Three dots’) in order to:
      1. ‘Edit’ – You will be able to ‘Edit’ the content if you are the ‘Author
      2. Clone’
      3. Delete’ – You will be able to ‘Delete’ the content if you are the ‘Author’ or ‘Admin
      4. Revisions
      5. ‘Workflow’
    1. Located at the top of the ‘Poll’ underneath the title of the ‘Poll‘ you will be able to:
      1. View the ‘Author
        1. Select the ‘Author’s’ name to be redirected to the ‘Author’s’ profile screen
      2. View the ‘Published‘ date
      3. Be able to ‘Save‘ the content
      4. Be able to ‘Like‘ the content and see who else has ‘Liked’ it
      5. Be able to ‘Comment‘ on the content and view existing ‘Comments’
      6. Be able to view any ‘Attached‘ items to the ‘Content’
    2. Any ‘Related information’ will be located underneath the ‘Poll
    3. To ‘Comment’ on the ‘Poll‘:
      1. Select ‘Add a comment here‘ underneath the ‘Comments‘ heading


    Includes options for:

    • Organising content
    • Managing workflow
    • Adding a featured image
    • Attachments
    • Revisions

    View full guidance on admin


    Includes options for:

    • Links
    • Tags
    • Targeting,
    • Promote
    • Commenting options

    View full guidance on configuration

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