Learn more about ‘Preview – Mode’


Learn more about ‘Preview-Mode’ and how to access it


  1. To enable ‘Preview-Mode’ navigate to your profile icon 
  2. In the ‘Profile Menu’ select the ‘Enable Preview Mode’ button

    Preview mode button


  3. A ‘Snackbar message will appear at the bottom of your screen stating ‘Preview mode enabled
  4. This ‘Snackbar message’ will display on all screens on the site except for when in ‘Edit’ mode
  5. When viewing unpublished content in preview mode, the alert message will appear:
      1. ‘This content is not visible to everyone because there are no published revisions. Only privileged users may view this content’

        Preview mode snack bar message


  6. To disable ‘Preview mode
      1. Select the Profile menu , then the ‘Disable preview mode‘ button


NOTE: Select roles have the option to enable ‘Preview-Mode’. These are:

  • Site admin
  • Author/Editor/Publisher (Menu item)
  • Author/Editor/Publisher (Global)
  • Previewer role (Menu item)
  • Previewer role (Global)

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