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The ‘Promotion’ content type will no longer be used and will be replaced with ‘List’ content type. In addition to this the ‘Promotion’ widget will also be replaced with the ‘List’ widget. As a result the conversion will be:

Promotion content type > List content type
Previous (Promotion) New (List)
Promotion: Title, Summary, Description List: Title, Summary Description
Promotion: (Link and Image) List: (Link and Image)
Promotion: (Tab data and config settings) List:  (Tab data and config settings)
Promotion: (RHS Drawer config) Promotion: (RHS Drawer config)


List content type 
Previous (Promotion) New (List)
List content with promotion items List content with single item and image



Previous (Promotion) New (List)
All Content > Promotion All Content List
Promotion List



Promotion’ is no longer used and has now been replaced with ‘List’ content types and ‘List widgets

  1. Please see steps to create ‘List’ content
  2. List documentation
  3. Choose a content template. A default template displays here but users with access control can choose an alternative if available.


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