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Retired features and functionality

Over the past decade we have built a large amount of functionality into the Invotra product. As part of rebuilding our new product we have taken the opportunity to pause and evaluate the most and least used features in the current product. This reflection has allowed us to rationalise some product feature retirements which are listed below. If you would like to discuss any retirements on this list please contact your account manager.

Legacy Authentication (non-Invotra Authentication)

Going forward we will support 2 authentication mechanisms which are both backed by AWS Cognito (Invotra Authentication)

  • Username and password login
  • Single sign on

Legacy Kerberos and Saml migration will not be supported. Please find more details on Invotra Authentication here. If you are impacted by this retirement your Account Manager will already have flagged this with you.


GOV.UK Notify integration

Invotra introduced this integration to support MFA on Invotra Authentication via GOV.UK Notify SMS. This feature is now no longer in use by any customer and we have made the decision to retire.


AWS Video

Invotra introduced an AWS video solution to support performant video upload and streaming via AWS services. This feature comes at an additional cost to your Invotra service. We have made the decision to retire this solution and will maintain current in product video upload functionality and iframe embed functionality.



Invotra introduced a ticketing system outside of the Ideas and Queries applications, the primary function of this ticketing application to date has been to:

  • Raise requests for content to be created/ updated
  • Raise issues with published content

We will be launching a new product in the coming months which can be purchased as a bolt on to Invotra called CommsGrid. CommsGrid is an all in one internal communications planning tool which will support strategy, campaigns, scheduling and delivery tracking of internal comms activities. For more details please contact your account Manager.


Bespoke importers

Invotra supported 3 bespoke importers created to support complex customer data requirements. These importers will all be retired and we will support 2 import methodologies:

  • The Invotra importer (more details here)
  • Invotra GraphQL APIs (allows import of data via API call)


Invotra Rest APIs

Invotra currently uses MariaDB as a relational database which speaks to a Rest API. We will be retiring this current format and introducing AWS Neptune, a graph database, which we’ll talk to using a GraphQL API.

  • Neptune is purpose-built for connected datasets that have lots of relationships
  • GraphQL improves the developer and consumer experience

Many of our customers who are calling our Rest API or pushing data to our Rest API have been engaged and educated on our new GraphQL API protocol. If you would like to know more about this please contact your Account Manager.


Georeferences on locations

When creating a location and selecting location type ‘site’ you will have an option to add georeference which has the fields that can be seen in the image below. These will be retired as a low use product feature.

Promotion content type

Replaced by improved List content type that offers same functionality and more. This content type was typically used in combination with a list content type to display list and image content via widgets. We have now updated the List content type be able to add images to list items and therefore have no further use for Promotion item.


WYSIWYG plugin: Code (html)

Retiring the plugin option
As this option is not possible to implement using Plate we will not be rebuilding it. We will however still provide the required functionality for users to achieve:

Current New
Custom graphic display (Image and text) Design widget
Column layouts (using divs) Layout plugin
Embedding iFrames/Rich Media Embed plugin



‘Liking’ is the most familiar interactive option for users and the most popular. Rating interactions could not be tracked or measured compared to ‘Likes’ interactions and therefore did not provide any measurable value.

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