Have the ability to ‘Search’ for and find the information you are looking for with ease from content to people.

What's New

The intranet wide update in January 2024 includes significant improvements and changes. 

Improvements applied to existing features and functionality include:

      • Filters – The interface has been updated to include a highly visible set of for ‘applied filters’
      • Selected filters can be dismissed to update the display search results

Configure Search

This functionality aims to improve the global search functionality. Currently, users are either not using the search function or need to find
and click on the search icon to open the search.
A more prominent search function would benefit users by implementing a search bar that is fully expanded by enabling this option.
This will:

      • Display the search bar centrally within the top workbar, to make it easier to find and interact with across the site
      • Add a sense of assurance and reliability to users that the search function is a primary tool


Within Administration Settings

  • Section title; Search settings
    • Create a new item list – Display expanded search bar
  • Page title; Display expaded search bar
    • Form type – Checkbox
    • Label – Enable expande search bar
    • Help text – To make the expanded search bar visible, check this box
  • Checkbox
    • When the checkbox is not selected display;
      • Inactive checkbox with help text
    • When the checkbox is selected, display;
      • Active checkbox
      • Text field
      • Text field placeholder – ‘Search’ as the default option
      • Help text – Customise placeholder to be displayed in the search bar
      • Character counter – Allows 50 character text to be displayed
  • Confirmation
    • Form type – Button
    • Label – Save

Global Search Bar Setting


Top workbar

Search icon displayed – when the checkbox is not checked (Default)
● When the new ‘Display expanded search bar’ option is disabled:
● Display Search Icon, within the top workbar
● Aligned to the right with the other Icons
● Search Icon to be displayed on every page sitewide

When the checkbox is not checked

Search Bar displayed –

● When the new ‘Display expanded search bar’ option is enabled:
● Display expanded search bar, within the top workbar
● Centralise the search bar within the top workbar
● Search bar to be displayed on every page, sitewide

When the checkbox is checked


Use Search

    1. Locate the search icon in the ‘Workbar
    2. Select the icon
    3. Input what you are looking for
    4. In category choose whether to search by
      1. Content
      2. ‘People’
      3. ‘Teams’
      4. ‘Locations’
      5. ‘Saved’ – to access your ‘Saved‘ searches
    5. Sort by:
      1. ‘Order’
          1. ‘Relevance’ 
          2. ‘Newest’ 
          3. ‘Oldest’
      2. Created date
          1. Forever’ 
          2. Last 30 days
          3. Last 7 days
          4. Yesterday
          5. Today
          6. Date range
      3. Updated date
          1. Forever’ 
          2. Last 30 days
          3. Last 7 days
          4. Yesterday
          5. Today
          6. Date range’
    6. ‘Filter by’
      1. Content types
        1. Select the different types of content you want to search for or select “All”
      2. Section
        1. Select the different section you want to search within or select “All”
    7. Now you can see the results for what you have searched for
    8. Change between tabs of: ‘Content’, ‘People’, ‘Teams’ and ‘Locations’ for different information
    9. In order to ‘Save‘ your ‘Search‘ with the ‘Applied filters
      1. Select “Save” – underneath the ‘Applied filters‘ heading on the ‘LHS
      2. Note:Filters‘ do not have to be applied in order to ‘Save‘ a ‘Search‘ term

 View full video demo


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