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Single Sign On (SSO)

Learn more about ‘Single Sign On (SSO)

What is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign On is a property of access control of multiple related, yet independent, software systems. This allows the user to sign in once to access services without re-entering authentication factors


  1. Navigate to the ‘Login’ screen of your intranet
  2. Here you will see the button for your ‘SSO’ application
  3. Select the ‘Button
  4. You will be automatically logged into your ‘Intranet
  5. You will not have to input your ‘Login’ details again

How to Enable SSO

  1. Navigate to the ‘SSO Application’ of your choice
    1. Examples:
      1. Azure
      2. ADFS
      3. OKTA
      4. Salesforce
  2. Create a new ‘SSO Active Directory
  3. Input the relevant information required
  4. Contact your ‘Technical Contact’ at ‘Invotra’ who will implement your onboarding
  5. Invotra will Integrate ‘SSO’ into your ‘Intranet’ for you!

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