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What's New

The intranet wide update in January 2024 includes significant improvements and changes. 

Webforms has been redesigned to deliver a more intuative and visual building and previewing experience for content creators. Leveraging drag and drop interactions users can now build a webform with little effort in minutes .

Create and edit

Be able to create a ‘Webforms’

  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select ‘Apps’  and then ‘Webforms
  2. You will be redirected to the ‘Webforms‘ Create screen
  3. New Page
      • Button (+ icon) ‘NEW PAGE’ 
      • If selected:
          • TITLE Textfield Required field] Formatted as a Heading 2
          • Description Textarea [optional field]
          • When Title & Description Element is Active/highlighted – Right-hand drawer Configuration will display:
            • Description [on/off Slide Button]
          • on/off Slide Button
            • Click on = visible
            • Click off = hidden
        • Copy – Creates a copy of the page break after the last question
        • Delete – Removes the Page Tab from the webform
        • Includes a ‘New Page’ break in the webform
        • In PREVIEW, you will have to Tab NEXT to see New Page
        • Title & Description Element will automatically appear in the BUILD area
        • Page Tab will be added to the top left of the Title & Description Element
        • Page Tab will include a Copy and Delete button (Icon)



Build Tab

Header Bar

Forms Home Button – Currently deactivated

    • Tabs – Navigate between different aspects of the Webforms application
      • Build – Create web forms (Add and configure  questions)
      • Revisions – View current and previous versions of the current webform
      • Results – View submissions for the current webform – (Due as phase 2)
      • Settings – Additional settings specific to the submissions and notifications for the current webform
    • Preview Button – Opens a preview of the current webform that a user can test adding data to
    • Save Dropdown – Allows the user to select there desired save option
      • Save – If not set to Autosave, this will save the current configuration for the webform 
      • Save as draft 
      • Archive  
      • Publish  


Left-Hand Draw
    • Questions tab – Provides options for question types that can be added to the webform
    • Select Question/s to drag and drop into the Central Build area from the Left-hand drawer
      • Drag QUESTION to position in Central Build area
        • Display Drop preview of where Question will sit in BUILD area.
        • Drop preview is dotted colour outline of Question box
        • Drop QUESTION
      • When QUESTION is selected in Left-hand drawer:
    • Logic tab – Currently deactivated



Available Question Types for MVP
    • Text
      • Short Text – 255 character limit
      • Long text – No Limit
    • Choice
      • Multiple Choice
        • Checkbox
        • Radio
      • Dropdown
    • Rating & Ranking
      • Linear Scale
      • Rating
      • Matrix
    • Upload File
      • Upload File


Adding/Editing Questions
    • QUESTION box with Question Input options will sit in Central Build area
      • Active/Selected QUESTION in Central Build area
    • Universal Settings – Apply to all Questions
      • CURSOR – 
        • Should display as an arrow when moving around the screen
        • Text line cursor when hovering over a textfield/area or text input box
        • Hand cursor when hovering over a function/Select option (like delete)
        • Move cursor when dragging and dropping
        • Small Icon box located centre left of Question box.
        • Different Icon displays for each Question
        • Icon should represent Question
      • QUESTION
        • Texfeild – Text Question displays in text area
        • Textarea – TEXT “Description” displays in Textarea
      • COPY
        • Icon link – Duplicate 
          • If Selected, Question is duplicated.
        • DELETE
          • If selected, Question is removed.
      • REQUIRED
        • The ‘Required’ setting is located at the bottom left of each question box
        • Default when adding a question – Off
        • Required setting ON
          • Select – Circle slides towards ‘Required’ to turn on
          • When ON question has to be answered
          • When ON – highlighted colour
        • Required setting OFF
          • Select – Circle slides away from ‘Required’ to turn off
          • When OFF the question can be left unanswered
          • When OFF – grey (no colour)
          • When OFF – function can still be selected/turned on.
      • DRAG & DROP
        • Drag and drop icon (centre, right hand side of question)
          • Hover over 6 dots icon (right side). The Move cursor will display
          • A Help message will display:
        • “Drag and drop or use arrow keys to re-order the content”
        • Click, hold and drag icon to move position of Question
        • Display Drop preview of where Question will sit in BUILD area.
        • Drop preview is dotted colour outline of Question box
        • Drop QUESTION



Right- Hand Draw


    • Right-hand drawer [ALWAYS VISIBLE when BUILD Tab is selected]
      • When a webform Element is not Active in the BUILD area the Configurations right-hand drawer will display nothing.
      • When a Question in the Central Build area is selected and Active, the Configurations for this Question can be seen AND edited in the Right-hand drawer.

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