Advanced targeting

Advanced targeting with the Static Content widget

The static content widget is the first widget to let you activate multiple targeting categories. Previously, you could only choose to target by one category, now you can target teams in certain regions or specific role grades in multiple locations.

Relevant roles: Webmasters, Section Managers

  1. Go to your section
  2. Select ‘Edit’, ‘Widgets’
  3. Select ‘Add widget’ in the appropriate region header
  4. Search for ‘static content’
  5. Select the ‘Apps’ category
  6. Select the ‘Static content’ widget
  7. Configure your widget title
  8. Choose which content type you want to display
  9. Type the title of your content and select from the list that appears
  10. Choose the design

And now in the ‘Target’ tab:

  1. Choose which categories you want to target by
  2. Then select the team and/or related teams, location and/or related locations, regions, and role grades
  3. Choose to only target (and show) managers
  4. Select ‘Add’