Closing Group Polls

Group Polls have an option to set a closing date, which triggers the poll to close at 23:59 on the appropriate date.

Create Group Poll with Closing date

When a Group Member creates a Group Poll, they have the option to set a closing date.

1. Open the Group Poll tab

2. Add the poll question and Answers

3. Select the required ‘Closing date’

4. Select ‘Post’

Edit Group Poll Closing date

A Group Member can add a closing date to an existing Group Poll they have previously created, or edit the closing date prior to the poll closing.

1. Open the Group Poll

2. Select ‘Options’

3. Select ‘Edit’

4. The ‘Edit this poll’ page will open

5. Select the required ‘Closing date’ 

6. Select ‘Update’

Top tips

  • – The closing date is displayed on the poll for all users with access to see
  • – Group Poll Closing Date is optional
  • – The poll automatically closes at 23:59 on the Closing Date
  • – Group Member who created the poll can edit the Closing date
  • – Group Admins can edit the Closing date on Polls within their group
  • – Closing Date can be editable at any time including after a poll has gone live
  • – Once the poll is live, the poll question/answers cannot be changed, as per current behaviour
  • – Once a Group Poll has closed, users will be able to see the poll results and add comments, however they will not be able to vote on a closed poll