Hosting and adding videos

Uploading video files

As a webmaster…

1. Go to your profile menu

2. Select ‘Manage content’

3. Select the ‘Videos’ tab

4. Select ‘+ ADD VIDEO’

5. Add title and description 

6. Upload video file

You will be informed about how many hours and minutes are left until completion. You cannot leave the page while your video is uploading; to carry on working select ‘OPEN NEW TAB’.

You will be notified when the video upload is complete.

7. Upload closed captions if you have them

…when you’re video has completed uploading…

8. Select ‘Save’

You will go to the uploaded video file’s page in manage content.

  • You can ‘COPY LINK’ and download ‘CLOSED CAPTIONS’
  • You can also edit the details of the video, such as title and description in the ‘EDIT’ tab
  • You can also delete the video in the ‘DELETE’ tab

You will receive a notification message telling you your video is now uploaded. This notification will contain a ‘COPY LINK’, which you need to add your video to content. 

You will also receive an email containing the video link when your video is ready to add to the content.

Adding videos to content types

As an author, editor, or publisher…

If you do not already have the link to the video:

1. Go to your profile menu and select ‘Manage content’

2. Go to ‘Videos’ tab 

3. Select the appropriate ‘Copy link’ in the ‘Video link’ column

Now, whether you’re creating or editing a new content type, the following guidance stays the same:

1. In the content type you are creating or editing, select the video icon in the WYSIWYG editor

2. In the ‘Add video’ window, paste the link you have copied

3. Change the width, if required, you can edit this later by selecting the menu in the top right of the video

4. Select ‘OK’

You will be notified that your video will not display until content is saved…

5. Save

Your video will appear where you added it in the WYSIWYG editor.