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Managing content using “all content” in my workplace


All content is an area for global and local publishers to manage everything from content types to apps like blogs, user comments, as well as media such as images and videos.

It gives the majority of publishers, who will only have permissions in single or small clusters of sections, an overarching view of their workflow. Using the categories and filters, publishers can see what needs review, has been reviewed, is still unpublished, or has been archived.

There is also the case of inappropriate content and comments, which are handled from ‘All content’.

Non-publishers will not see the ‘All content’ tab in their workplace. They will only see ‘My feed’, ‘My notifications’ and ‘My content’.

Roles in All content in My workplace


There are 4 roles with the permissions to access All content. They are:

  • Manager
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Author


Accessing All content


There are three ways to access ‘All content’.

If it is set up in Invotra admin, a link will exist in your toolbar called ‘Manage content’. This will take you directly to ’All content’.


Screenshot of content dropdown


The second route is through My feed, select the icon in the toolbar and you will be taken to ‘My workplace’ in the ‘My feed’ tab. Three tabs to your right is ‘All content’.

Screenshot of My workplace navigation

The third route is through your profile. Hover over your profile and select any of the 6 links below ‘My workplace’.

Screenshot of user profile dropdown

You will be taken to ‘My content’ in ‘My workplace’. Select ‘All content’ in the next tab along to the right.


Using ‘All content’ if you’re a local publisher


The left-hand categories and dropdown filters give local publishers quickstep review powers in the Workflow.

Screenshot of

Select ‘Needs review’ and you will see all the content that needs review. Filter by News content type and you’ll be able to focus in on news and the task at hand.

Once you’ve found the content you’re looking for, select the title and you will be taken to that content type. Select ‘Options’ then ‘Edit current’ to make changes, add comments, change the workflow status and save. Go back to your all content screen to check that your news article is now in the correct category in ‘All content’.

All content is also the place publishers go to access and resolve the inappropriate. If there has been an inappropriate comment for example, a publisher will see this in brackets (1) next to ‘Inappropriate comments’.

They will see up to the first 6 words of the comment, by who, on what date, at what time. They will also see who reported the comment and be able to review the report.

Screenshot of

By selecting ‘Review reports’, publishers will see the original comment, as well as the reason for flagging. They then have to make a decision to ‘Keep’ the comment and discard the flagging, or to accept the flagging and ‘Delete’ the comment.

Screenshot of comment review screen

Either way, they will be able to see the people involved, access both their profiles and follow up with the appropriate actions.


Using ‘All content’ if you’re a global publisher or webmaster


Quite literally, certain global publishers and webmasters can access and affect all content on an intranet. ‘All content’ therefore becomes the nerve centre of anything that has been created, amended or added by any user.


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