What are Manuals?

Manuals are for the big documents that need indexable sections and pages. Instead of flicking through cabinets or searching PDFs, select and scroll your way through navigable collections of critical knowledge.

Relevant roles


Section manager




Creating Manuals

We recommend you have the sections of your manual already mapped out before you begin. In the first creation screen, you can add all the sections first then assign the appropriate pages when you create them later.  

1. Go to ‘Create’ in the workbar, select ‘Item’ and then ‘Manual’

2. Add title, summary, body and relate the manual to a section

Manuals creation page with title, body, text format and section fields

3. Add an image

Link to upload file or drop file to upload


This image will be displayed through widgets if you select the appropriate widget style, for example:

image displayed with content on a site section

4. In ‘Workflow’ select ‘Published’


If you do not wish to publish your manual, leave unpublished and enable preview mode to continue editing without users discovering an incomplete version. 

 5. Add a ‘Manual reference’ e.g. initials of title and 001

6. Add ‘Section name’ e.g. Chapter 1


Sections fields including add another section button

To add more sections, select the ‘Add another section’ in the white box. 


Ignore ‘Add another manual page’ and ‘Section contents’ as you have nothing to add. If you were to add the names of all your manual pages, the information would not be saved because the pages do not exist yet.

7. Add an accurate ‘Review date’

8. Add the ‘Owner’

9. Select ‘Save’

Adding manual pages to sections


1.Go to your manual

2. Select ‘Add manual page’ in the top right corner of the screen

Menu bar for editing manual including add manual page option

3. Add your title and the content of your manual in the body

4. Style your content using the WYSIWYG editor

5. Add an image if you have one

6. Leave as ‘Draft’ in the workflow if you are not ready to publish the manual page

7. Check that the ‘Manual’ your manual page is assigned to is correct

Field to assign a manual page to the required manual

8. Add ‘Owner’ 

9. Select ‘Save’

Sorting your manual pages into sections

1. Go to your manual

2. Select ‘Edit’ in the top right corner

3. Scroll down to ‘Sections’

4. Beneath your first manual section, you will find all of your manual pages

Manual section contents fields with manual pages listed

5. Do not select ‘Remove page’ on any pages yet

6. Instead, search for and populate each manual section with the correct manual page

Manual section contents with autocomplete search field listing pages

Note, you can populate separate manual sections with the same manual pages.


When you’ve sorted your manual pages under the correct section names.

7. Remove the incorrect duplicate pages

8. Add attachments if you have them

For example, it might be a good idea to include a download version of the manual.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Save’

Now you have added sections and pages, it’s time to design the layout of your manual.

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