What is News? 

‘News’ to Invotra is a content type. One of several content types, News is designed to contain and spread the latest info your business deems to be newsworthy.

This is often concise, short-lived content created to update an entire workforce or, with targeting enabled, a specific team, location, region or role grade.

There are some unique differences to creating news, for example, you can set a priority, publication date, as well as trigger a newsflash. Three options that reflect the reactive and unpredictable world of news and comms in business.

Roles in News

There are 2 roles with the permissions to create News. They are: 

  • Publisher
  • Author

Creating News

  1. Go to ‘Content’ in your toolbar and select ‘Create content’
  2. Select ‘News’

You’ll first see 3 mandatory fields and an option to add an image.

      3. Add the Title, Description and set up the ‘Site section’ relationship

We recommend you always add summary text that will display in widgets in sections. Do not add more than 170 characters, including spaces. 

      4. Select ‘Edit summary’ to the right of ‘Description’ 

      5. Add your summary in the text field

The image you add in the option beneath ‘Site section’ will be the image that displays in your widgets. It will also feature in the news article if you have the appropriate widget activated.

      6. Select ‘Add image’

If you have already uploaded the image you want, go to ‘My files’ or search for an image someone else has uploaded in ‘Library’. 

If you are uploading a new image from your computer:

      7. Drag and drop your image into the labelled box or select ‘Browse’ 

      8. Select ‘Next’ once you’ve added your image

      9. In ‘Name’, rename your image so that it is more searchable in Library

    10. In ‘Describe your picture’, include details you think are important for a blind user to hear using a screen reader

     11. In ‘Title text’, add useful hover text, if you think this is appropriate

    12. Select ‘Save’

    13. Select ‘Crop’, ‘Maximise selection’ and position the crop appropriately

    14. Select ‘Apply crop’

If you do not add content to the mandatory fields, the only option in Workflow will be ‘Draft’. If you have added all content as described above, you will also see ‘Needs review’, ‘Reviewed’, ‘Published’. 

Depending on your permissions and whether you need to have your news article checked: 

    15. Select the appropriate Workflow state 

    16. Add a Workflow comment

If you have attachments, perhaps something for News readers to download, make sure the widget is activated and configured correctly: 

    17. Add a new file

    18. Check the review date is correct

    19. Search for and select the ‘Owner’ of the news article

   20. Select ‘Save’ when you are satisfied

If your news article is in ‘Draft’, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:

Messages displayed on draft content to inform the draft is created pending publication and the content is not visible to everyone

If your news article is ‘Published’, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:

Notfication that an update has been made to published content

Congratulations you have published a news article. 

You now need to know how to set up widgets in sections so that your news article appears where you want it to, in the correct order and at the right time. 

First, we’ll look at those unique options in a News content type.

Priority 1, 2 or 3

If you are publishing some breaking news or multiple related news articles, the ‘Priority’ option will allow you to override sort criteria configured in your news or section widget, so that your single or short series of news, show first, second or third in a section.

There is also the default option of ‘none’, in case you want to stick with your section’s widget configuration. Priority is useful because you do not have to change anything in your existing section set up, you only have to select 1, 2 or 3 and the news article will appear in that order.

  1. Go to your news content type
  2. Select ‘Options’ in the top right corner of the screen and ‘Edit current’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Priority’

Numeric dropdown options to prioritise the display of content

      4. Select 1, 2 or 3 or leave as ‘- None -’

5. Select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the edit screen

      6. Check that your news article is appearing correctly 

Published date

If you want your news to break in the morning and won’t be around to manually publish it, use ‘Published date’ to set the date and time your news article goes live. 

  1. Go to your news content type
  2. Select ‘Options’ in the top right corner of the screen and ‘Edit current’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Published date’
  4. Select the date and choose the appropriate date in the date picker

Date and time fields with dropdown calendar

      5. Type in the time in the correct format

     6. Select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the edit screen


For intranet-wide breaking news, Newsflash will publish your news article in every news widget as number 1 in order. It’s the quickest way to get the same message out across multiple sections that might not be related.

  1. Go to your news content type
  2. Scroll down to the list of 7 tabs, starting with ‘Organisational’
  3. Select the seventh tab, ‘Promotion’Promotion options in content creation with Newsflash and featured options and newsflash image upload
  4. Select ‘Newsflash’
  5. Add a ‘Newsflash image’ so that your article stands out
  6. Select ‘Save’ 
  7. Check that your newsflash news is appearing where you expect

News widget

When it comes to expectations, widgets are the flexible building blocks you configure in sections so content types appear in a certain style and position. The most commonly used widget to display news is the ‘News’ widget.

There are four categories to work through when you are configuring your news widget: ‘Styles’, ‘Targeting’, ‘Trimming’ and ‘Section filter’. Here’s how you add, configure and position your news widget:

  1.  Go to the appropriate section
  2. Select ‘In Place Editor’ and ‘Customise page’
  3. In the region in your chosen layout, select the ‘+’ icon in the blue header

Icons to edit and add a widget

      4. In the new screen, search for ‘News’ and select ‘News’

Search field displaying news and search results

You will see a menu containing ‘Styles’, ‘Targeting’, ‘Trimming’ and ‘Section filter’.

Widget configuration options of styles, targeting, trimming and section filter

5. In ‘Styles’, select the widget style you want to use for your news articles

      6. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and type ‘Read more’ in ‘More link text’ box

      7. In ‘Sort by’ dropdown, decide how you want to order your news articles – by ‘Published date’, ‘Created date’, ‘Updated date’, ‘Title’ or ‘Priority’

Sort by options for news display of published date, created dateand updated date or by title or priority

8. In ‘Sort order’, select ‘ASC’ for ascending or ‘DSC’ for descending

      9. Select ‘Targeting’

    10. If you are targeting your news, choose by ‘Team’, ‘Location’, ‘Role grade’ and ‘Region’ – remember, when you create your news article you have to add the same details in the targeting tab for this to work

    11. Ignore ‘Trimming’ for now

   12. Select ‘Section filter’ 

   13. Choose ‘No filtration’ if you want to pull through all news that is published on the intranet

   14. Choose ‘Limit items to current site sections (if possible) if only want the news articles that are related to your current site section – remember, you establish this as a mandatory field when you are creating a news content type

   15. Choose ‘Specific site section’, to display news from a different section

   16. In the ‘Items to display’ box at the top of the screen, we recommend you change 5 to 3

   17. Select ‘Continue’ and ‘Finish’

If you have configured your news widget for targeting after you select ‘Continue’ there will be one more step to complete before you select ‘Finish’. Follow the instructions.

News in featured content widgets 

The ‘Featured content’ widget allows you to highlight and display a particular content type in your section. When you add a featued content widget, you select the content types you want to display in the ‘Content type’ category. 

You then configure the categories, as you have done in the guidance the ‘News widget’, above.

Configuration options for featured content widget with all content types displayed

With the featured content widget in position and configured, create or edit a news content type. 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the edit screen and select the ‘Promotion’ tab
  2. Select the ‘Featured item’ box
  3. Save

Promotion options in content creation with Newsflash and featured options and newsflash image upload 

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