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News is an item that only certain users can create from their workbar. One of several items, News helps you share the latest updates across your enterprise.

News is often concise, short-lived content created to update an entire workforce. However, you can target specific teams, locations, regions or role grades.

When you create a news item, you can set a priority and publication date, as well as trigger a newsflash. Three options that reflect the unpredictable nature of internal communications.

Relevant roles


Section manager


    Creating a news item

    1. Go to ‘Create’ in your workbar, select ‘Item’ and ‘News’

    2. Add the title, summary, body and the section it’s related to

    3. Select ‘Upload file’

    The image you add displays in the image widget and as a preview of the news item in a section’s content widget.

    4. Drag and drop your file, which must be less than 40 MB as instructed

    5. Or select ‘Upload’ and choose the from your local drive

    6. Select ‘Crop’, ‘Maximise selection’ and position the crop appropriately

    7. Select ‘Apply crop’

    Note, if you do not add content to all mandatory fields, you will not be able to move your news item out of ‘Draft’ in workflow. Otherwise, select from ‘Needs review’, ‘Reviewed’, ‘Published’.

    8. Select the appropriate workflow state 

    9. Add a workflow comment

    If you have attachments, make sure the attachments widget is activated and configured in your template.

    10. Select ‘Add attachment’ and follow the instructions in the file library

    11. Check the review date is correct

    12. Search for and select the ‘Owner’ of the news article

    13. Select ‘Save’ when you are satisfied

    If your news item is in ‘Draft’, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:

    Information message that an initial draft is created, pending publication

    If your news item is ‘Published’, you will see the following message at the top of the screen:

    Successful publiscation message reading Revision has been published

    You now need to know how to set up widgets in sections so your news items appear correctly.

    Let’s look at the unique aspects of creating a news item.

    Priority 1,2 or 3


    If you have breaking news or important related news items, the ‘Priority’ option allows you to override the sort criteria in existing news or content widgets.

    The default option of is ‘0’, which will not interfere with your section’s widget configuration. 

    Priority is useful because you do not have to change anything in your existing section set up, you only have to select 1, 2 or 3 and the news item will appear in that order.

    1. Go to your news item

    2. Select ‘Edit’ in the local tabs

    3. Scroll down to ‘Priority’

    Priority drop down options with none, 1, 2 or 3 displayed


    4. Select 1, 2 or 3 or leave as ‘None’

    5. Select ‘Save’

    6Check that your news item is appearing correctly


    Scheduled publishing


    If you want news to publish the next morning automatically, use ‘Published date’ to set the date and time your item goes live.

    1. Go to your news item

    2. Select ‘Edit’

    3. Scroll down to ‘Published date’

    4. Select the date and choose the appropriate date in the date picker

    Date field with dropdown calendar

    5.  Type in the time in the correct format

    6. Select ‘Save’




    For enterprise-wide news, Newsflash publishes your item in every news widget as number 1 in order. It’s the quickest way to get the same message out across multiple sections that might not be related.

    1. Go to news item

    2. Scroll down to the list of 7 tabs, starting with ‘Organisational’

    3. Select ‘Promotion’


    Promotion tab on new creation screen





    4. Select ‘Newsflash’

    5. Add a ‘Newsflash image’ so that your item stands out

    6. Select ‘Save’

    7. Check that your newsflash news is appearing where you expect


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