Manage Content

Manage content


If you’re a publisher, you can access ‘Manage content’ from your profile menu.

This is where you go to manage your workflow, inappropriate content and comments, as well as files such as images and documents.

Depending on your permissions, this might be content from a single section or from the entire intranet. Non-publishers will not see ‘Manage content’, they will only see ‘My content’.


Relevant global and local roles for manage content

  • Section manager
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Author

Using manage content

The first area to focus on is the list of categories at the top of the screen. Running horizontally, from left to right you’ll see content, moderate content, comments, moderate comments, and files. 

1. Select the option you want in the horizontal menu.

Manage content options including content, moderate content, comments, moderate comments, and files

2. Select the FILTER RESULTS button if filters aren’t already open.

Filter results button 

In the left of the screen, you’ll see a drawer with a list of filters. These options will vary depending on the category you have selected in the horizontal menu. 


They are:

Updated date

Content types

Workflow status




Filter results options including updated date, content types,worjflow status, section, owner and author

3. Reduce the results in your table by selecting the relevant filters.

4. Then select ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the left-hand drawer.

Apply and reset sort and filters buttons

5. Or, try search if you already know the title.


In the table of search results you can also select the created date column header to display the newest or oldest results at the top of the table.

 Search results table with results shown in updated date order, with most recent first

Once you’ve found the content you’re looking for, select the title and take the actions you need to take.

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