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Centralised Publishing

Learn more about ‘Centralised Publishing

What’s New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been changes made to the current areas on the intranet with one of them being ‘Centralised Publishing‘:

    • An updated user interface


Centralised Publishing


Learn more about ‘Centralised publishing’ and how it works.


Centralised publishing gives one team or multiple individuals in your organisation control over every piece of content that’s published..


Usually, this means you already have a core publishing team that manages your content and you don’t distribute publishing powers to individual teams or departments.



Managing users
    1. Navigate to a ‘Users profile
    2. Select the ‘Account settings’ tab
    3. You will be redirected to the ‘Account settings’ screen
    4. Select the ‘Global Roles’ tab on the ‘LHS’ (Left Hand Side)
    5. Assign the ‘Global Roles’ to the user by selecting the ‘Checkbox
    6. Select ‘Save

Managing teams
    1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ in the ‘Workbar
    2. Select the ‘User management’ tab on the ‘LHS
    3. Select the checkbox of one or more ‘User’ you would like to delegate the role to
    4. Select the ‘Bulk actions’ button
    5. Select ‘Delegate roles’ from the dropdown
    6. Select the ‘Roles’ of your choice


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