Adding a widget

Access widgets in a section by selecting ‘In Place Editor’ and then ‘Customise Page’.

In the region you want to add a widget, select the plus icon in the top right. 

You’ll then see the widget library for sections.

To start with, we recommend the following section widgets:

Simple content 

  • This widget displays all content types and app content, such as messages on the Message Wall, in multiple styles.

Specific tag

  • This widget lets you be very specific with what content goes where. Select the type of tag followed by the tag term, then any content type with that tag will appear in the style you’ve set in this widget.


  • For static content and graphical elements, add custom HTML or simply short headlines in an on-brand coloured block. The custom widget is also where you would add an IFrame for a Twitter feed or YouTube video.


  • This widget displays the polls you create for your weekly question to the NHS TT community. You need to create the poll first as a content type and then search for and select the that poll in the poll widget.


  • This widget displays the curated lists of content that you can create as a content type. Similar to polls, once you’ve created a list, which can be a section, content type or URL, you search for and select the title of that list in the list widget.

User blog

  • This widget will automatically display the latest blog published by a specific user, in the NHS TT’s case, Dido Harding has been discussed.


  • This widget will display any downloads that you attach in the edit screen as attachments.

Term description

  • This widget will pull through any content that is added, formatted and styled in the section’s editable field called description. 


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