In Place Editor (IPE)

What is the IPE? 

The In Place Editor (IPE) appears in every section, content type and blog post if you are a Webmaster. If you are a section manager, you will only see the IPE link in your section and its child sections.

Design the user interaction of sections and content types, by changing the layouts and customising the ‘page’ using widgets. Both options will affect the structure of your content as well as what content is displayed and from where. 

You can also select ‘Preview mode’ while creating sections to see exactly what your section look like when you save.

Roles in the IPE

There are 2 roles with the permissions to create IPE. That is: 

  • Webmaster
  • Section manager

A warning for Webmasters

When you select the IPE in a content type, if you change the layout or widgets, it will make that change to every content type across your intranet. To avoid this happening, read about how to set up templates for your publishers to style your intranet in a consistent way.

Changing layouts using the IPE

Layouts are the starting point for your user experience. They set the boundaries and will give your intranet a familiar feeling. 

By establishing a layout for your sections and content types, you’ll create a solid structure for all future content management

1. Go to a section

2. Select ‘In Place Editor’

IPE button

3. Select ‘Change layout’

ipe options

4. Select ‘Webb flipped’

change layout options IPE

5. Select ‘Save as custom’

confirm change layout ipe settings

Check your section and make sure you have successfully changed its layout. Next up are the widgets, as they will likely need to change to fit into your new layout. You do this by customising the page.

Changing widgets using the IPE

Create and edit the functional and visual aspects of your intranet using widgets. For example, within the regions of a layout – add, remove, arrange and configure widgets to affect what content appears where and how it looks.

1. Select ‘In Place Editor’ in a section

IPE button

2. Select ‘Customise page’

 ipe options

You will see the widgets distributed in your layout’s regions. 

To move a widget into a different region:

3. Select the multi-directional arrow in the right-hand corner of your chosen widget

simple content widget settings

4. Hold your selection and drag into another region

 widget being dragged using ipe

You will see a yellow box appear behind your widget’s original location. To place your widget in its new location, you will need another yellow box to appear in the new region. 

For that to happen, you have to hover your widget over the right location for a yellow box to appear.

5. Deselect and your widget will drop into place

To add widgets into different regions:

6. Go to the region where you want to add your widget

7. Select the plus icon in the right-hand corner

header region on IPE

8. Search for and add your new widget

 add content settings on IPE

Your widget will appear at the top of the region. Move it into the right position using the multidirectional arrow icon as previously shown.

To remove unwanted widgets:

9. Locate the widget you want to remove

10. Select the bin icon 

simple content widget settings

11. Confirm that you want to ‘Remove this pane’

The widget will no longer feature in your layout.

Previewing your section

While creating or editing your section using the IPE, you can choose to select ‘Show preview’ at the top of the screen. This gives you an exact preview of your section live, without having to go in and out of the IPE every time you want to check if a widget works. 

Here’s the ‘Show preview’ button below on the left:

 preview save close options on IPE


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