Using sections and content types

What is a section?

A section normally hosts information and content on a topic or related group of topics. These sections and their titles are what creates your hub’s navigation. 

The navigation includes the main menu. To create a section go to the plus icon, +, in the workbar.

Select ‘Section’.

What is a content type?

There are multiple content types in Invotra. They include page, news, manual, policy, gallery, etc. They share many editable fields and elements and only differ where it better suits their purpose, e.g. ‘Implementation date’ for policies.

Perhaps the most commonly used content type is a page. You will recognise most fields such as title, summary, description, image, etc. 

There are, however, fields such as section, workflow state, primary category, that you’ll likely need to know more about.

To create a content type, select the plus icon, +, in the workbar. When you do this, you’ll see a list and you can select the content type you want to create.

How do sections and content types work together?

The short answer is widgets. Widgets are the building blocks of both sections and content types, however, in sections they are what pull through, preview and link to the content types you create and relate to each section.