Uploading files to a content type

Uploading files such as a .docs, PDFs or spreadsheets to content types

There are two steps you must take to add and display files in a content type. The first involves the attachment widget. The second is the addition of the file in the content edit screen of your section or content type.


Step 1. Adding the attachment widgets to a content type.

As a webmaster…

  1. Go to ‘Administration’
  2. Find ‘Templates’ and select the appropriate content type
  3. Choose existing template, select ‘Settings’ 
  4. Select content
  5. In the region, select the plus icon to add widget
  6. In the add widget window, search for ‘attachment’
  7. Select the attachment widget
  8. Override the title if you need to and set heading weight
  9. Select continue 
  10. Select ‘Finish’
  11. Select ‘Save’


Step 2. Adding file to edit screen of a content type.

As a section manager, publisher, editor or author…

  1. Go to options, edit in a content type
  2. Scroll down to templates and select appropriate template
  3. Scroll down to the attachments
  4. Select upload file or drag and drop file instead
  5. Add an accurate name that people might find if searching for image
  6. Add describe your image for screen readers, this is also known as alt text
  7. Add title text, which will appear when a user hovers over it
  8. Select save