eCommerce Widget


Ecommerce is a Widget to build out and display items that can be added to a basket and then be directed away from the product to make


Setting Worldpay Instillation ID

ECommerce requires the user to have a Worldpay account and a unique Instillation ID, which will need to be added in administration:
● Navigate to Administraion
● Select Worldpay under Connect
● Input your Worldpay Instillation ID
● Save Configuration


Adding a widget

You can add the ecommerce widget to a section on the intranet by:
● Navigating to the desired section, you wish to add the widget
● Select Edit > Widgets
● Click the + icon in the desired region
● Search for and select ECommerce

Editing the widget

Once you are in the edit screen for the Ecommerce widget, you will be presented with three tabs:
   ○ Used to add and manage items to display
   ○ Used to set up available parameters
   ○ Used to set up the editable field for the email confirmation


Configuration Tab

Before you start to build out your items we recommend first setting all your configurable option. Select from the list the property you wish to configure:
● Category (Used for search and filter)
   ○ Add or remove desired categories
● Currency, VAT and Carriage Charge
   ○ Currency (GBP, USD, EUR)
   ○ VAT
   ○ Carriage Charge (Including VAT)
● Stickers
   ○ Title
   ○ Background Colour
   ○ Text Colour
● Sizes (Used for search, filter and item information)
   ○ Add or remove size options
   ○ Upload a size guide document
● Colours
   ○ Add or remove colour options
● Genders
   ○ Add or remove gender options

Build Tab

This tab is used to add and arrange items to display.
● Search – Search for an item in your build table
● Density – Change the size of each row in your table
● Delete – Remove selected Item/Items from your table
● Name – Name of the Item
● Description – Description of the item
● Image – upload an image to be displayed
● Colour – Select from your configured colour options (Can select multiple)
● Size – Select from your configured size options (Can select multiple)
● Category – Select from your configured categories (Can select multiple)
● Stickers – select from your configured stickers options (Can select multiple)
● Genders – Select from your configured gender options (Can select multiple)
● Out of stock – Deactivates the ‘Add to basket’ button
● Price – add the item price Including VAT
● Carriage – Automatically added from the configuration will only be added once per basket
● + Add Item – Adds a new row to the table to build out the item
● Apply Terms and conditions – When selected it will allow you to upload a T&C document and also require the user to accept them
before they can check out


Email Tab

This tab is for setting the configurable fields for the order confirmation email that is sent on checkout.
● Sellers Name.
   ○ Name in the emails signature.
● Sellers Email.
   ○ Email addresses you wish to send a copy of the order confirmation to
● Order queries email.
   ○ Email the user can write to for any order-related questions
● Invoicing email.
   ○ Email the user can use for any payment-related questions
● Additional Text (Limit 500 characters).
   ○ Free field to add additional text to the email.


User View

Your Items will be displayed in cards on the page, and each card will contain the details you added in the build tab for the widget.
Top Bar
● Filter
   ○ Search bar to search for a product
   ○ Filter items by Price range (Min to Max)
   ○ Filter by tag options
■ Colour
■ Size
■ Category
■ Stickers
● Sort
   ○ Rearranges the items to display in
■ Default
■ Price
● High to Low
● Low to High
● Basket
   ○ Shows the number of items on your basket and takes you to the checkout page on click


Item Card details

● Image
● Stickers
● Categories
● Gender
● Name
● Description
● Colour select
● Size Select
● Price
● Add to basket button
   ○ Disabled if Out of stock was checked
   ○ Disabled if a Colour or Size option needs to be picked
   ○ Disabled if the Item is already in the basket

Check Out Page

This page lets the user adjust the number of items in their basket and gives a summary of the costs, They can also download the terms and conditions and select checkout
● Item details
   ○ See an overview of the items added to the basket
manager and the quantity of the items
   ○ Remove the Item from the basket
● Continue Shopping – Takes you back to the shop page
● Summary – Price breakdown for the items in your basket
   ○ Subtotal (inc VAT)
   ○ Subtotal (excl VAT)
   ○ Carriage (inc VAT)
   ○ Carriage (excl VAT)
   ○ VAT
   ○ Total (Inc VAT)
● Accept Terms ad Conditions (If selected in widget editing)
● Checkout (Disabled if T&C’s are not accepted