How to embed a calendar


To implement a calendar for your intranet site you will need to follow the steps below, these steps include how to add a Google Calendar to a section to be displayed as an Iframe.:

1) Head to your Google Calendar, once there look to the left hand side where you will see ‘My calendars’ , once here select the 3 buttons icon on then settings and sharing.

2) Once you have selected Settings and sharing, a settings screen will appear. Scroll down till you come across ‘Integrate Calendar’, highlight the Embed code from the opening ‘’ to the closing ‘’ marks, here is an example of what the url should look like when copied:

3) Once you have your integration URL you will need to Whitelist the URL on the intranet. To do this simply head into Invotra Admin, then on the right hand side scroll till you see ‘Security’  under this you will see ‘IFrame Whitelist’, click into here and add the URL from Google Calendar to the list then save. 

4) To display the Calendar, go to the section where you would like it embedded, click edit then widgets to open up the editor. 

5) Select the Custom Content widget and using the WYSIWYG select Iframe, (globe icon) then paste your URL along with the Height and Width you want for the widget in the Iframe options.

If you have any questions please raise a support query or contact your account manager.