We are pleased to announce, after much hard work, our latest integration: Microsoft OneDrive.

Enabling this integration allows Invotra intranet users to:

  • Access and attach files from OneDrive
  • Access your attached OneDrive files directly from Invotra
  • Quickly search for and share OneDrive files

Any imported files will still remain in the user’s OneDrive account.

How does it work?

Step 1 

Invotra admin - OneDrive screen

Firstly, a webmaster must go to ‘Invotra admin’ and connect OneDrive to Invotra.

Step 2

Integrations admin - account settings screen

Once this admin setup is complete, intranet users simply go to ‘Account Settings’ in their profile and click on the ‘Manage Apps’ tab.

Step 3

OneDrive - integration modal screen

Users now have access to search, upload and share their OneDrive documents from the Invotra file library. 



OneDrive post example

Here’s an example of a user sharing a PDF from their OneDrive library.


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