Using Zapier

Zapier is an automation tool that connects to more than 2,000 applications by setting up triggers and actions between the apps you use every day.

Before you can take advantage of our integration with Zapier, Invotra Auth has to be enabled and configured. You must also have a Zapier account.

If you need access to Invotra Auth details and to learn more about getting a Zapier account, contact our service desk today.

Creating a Zap

1. Log in to Zapier

2. Select ‘Make a Zap’

3. Select the app you want to pull data from and post into Invotra

In this example, we’ve used an RSS feed.

4. Select your ‘Trigger Event’ and click ‘Continue’

Note that trigger events vary depending on the app you’ve selected.

5. Configure how the trigger performs and select ‘Continue’

6. Select if and how you want to test that the data you’re pulling is correct

a.Test & Review

b. Test & Continue (recommended)

c. Skip test

7. If the test is successful, you’ll see a green tick

Configuring your Zap with Invotra (2. Do this …)

8. Start typing Invotra into the search field and select Invotra

9. Choose the action to perform in Invotra

There are currently 3 actions available, they are:

a. Create a new group

b. Create a new post in a specific group

c. Find a specific group

In this example, we’ll create a post in a specific group and select ‘Continue’.

10. To configure Invotra account settings, select ‘Sign in to Invotra’

11. Enter the following details provided by Invotra:

a. Site URL The URL of your Invotra application

b. Cognito URL Provided on request by Invotra

c. Cognito client ID Provided on request by Invotra

d. Cognito secret Provided on request by Invotra

12. Select ‘Yes, continue’

13. Log in to Invotra as prompted and you’re all set 

You should now be back on the Zapier page, like so:

14. Select ‘Continue’

15. Customise your action from step 9 

We chose to create a post so we need to configure the post to populate the:

a. Source The body text of the post

b. Category If you want to categorise your post

c. Author UUID The UUID of the user who should be creating the post

d. Group UUID The UUID of the group that the post should be added to

Once configured, select ‘Continue’.

16. Select if and how you want to test your zap, either:

a. Test & Review

b. Test & Continue (recommended)

c. Skip test

If this final step is successful, your integration with Zapier is complete.  

Congratulations, you’re up and zapping and automating tasks in Invotra.