Integrating Jira with Invotra



JIRA is a software application which enables your team to plan, track and release software. 

Our integration with JIRA utilises their Oauth 2.0 functionality which is currently in BETA. Therefore, in order to integrate JIRA, you will need to follow some steps to get a JIRA application published which requires you to raise a ticket to JIRA.



  1. Go to Atlassian’s create page 
  2. Select “create”, then OAuth 2.0 integration
  3. Name your app, for example, “Invotra”
  4. Agree to terms and conditions and click ‘Create’
  5. Locate “permissions” tab on the LHS, click +Add
  6. Under ‘Jira API’, click +Add
  7. You should see a Configure button now, click this
  8. Under “Jira platform REST API”
  9. Click “Edit Scopes” tab then select “view Jira issue date” then save
  10. Select “Authorisation” tab on the LHS
  11. In the callback URL enter the URL of your site, e.g. https://intranet-name.invotra.com
  12. Select “Save changes”
  13. Check ‘I confirm that I’ve implemented the Personal Data Reporting API
  14. Fill in your details under the ‘Support details’ heading
  15. Click Save

Once you have created the app using the steps above, you will need to raise a ticket with JIRA in order to get your app published. To do this, go to the Developer Service Desk and raise a ticket to publish your app.

If you require any further information you can access the JIRA documentation on their website.

Your app has been created and published by JIRA


Enable the integration within Invotra

  1. Log in as a Webmaster
  2. Navigate to Administration
  3. Select ‘JIRA’ under ‘Global settings’ -> ‘Connect’
  4. Enter the subdomain of your JIRA Cloud instance, e.g if your JIRA Cloud URL is https://example.atlassian.net then please enter ‘example’ into the provided text box.
  5. Enter the ‘Client ID’ string provided by your JIRA app
  6. Enter the ‘Secret’ string provided by your JIRA app
  7. Click ‘Connect’

To start using the JIRA integration, you’ll need to authenticate your personal JIRA account. To do this:

  1. Login as any user
  2. Navigate to your account settings
  3. Click on the ‘Manage apps’ tab
  4. Click ‘Connect’


Expected result

The user will be able to implement a Jira app into their Intranet