‘Locations’ Import- Fields and required formats

Locations are structured in the following hierarchy:





This is based on the BIM model, however, we can support a flat list of office locations if you specify each location to be a ‘building’.

There are more fields available if you wish to use the BIM model as mentioned above. Please contact us if you would like to explore this.

The table below shows all available fields and the required format for import’


* = Mandatory field

** = Mandatory field if you are using single sign-on

Fields Description Format Example
ExternalId* Unique identifier used to reference this location. String location-1236
Parent term Use the ExternalId (above) to reference a parent location if you have a location hierarchy. String location-1234
Term name* The name of the location. String Chertsey House
Term description A description of the location, which will display on the location page. String This is our head office.
Global id      
Type* Enter site, building, floor or space. If you are not using the BIM model, set this to ‘building’ for all locations. String building
Phone no      
Floor index      
Floor height      
Published* Define whether or not the location should be published and visible.

 1 = Published

0 = Unpublished

Integer 1
Floor plan      
Building plan      

Here’s an example of the Location Import CSV file.