Logo & Favicon


The logo you add will appear on every page in the top left of your Intranet.

The favicon you add will appear in the tab of your web browser. 

  1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ and then select ‘Logo & Favicon’ option located under ‘Branding’



Add Logo

  1. Select ‘Add file’ option
  1. Choose the file and select ‘Open’


Add favicon

  1. Select ‘Upload file’ option
  2. Choose the file and select ‘Open’

Please note: The favicon you add here should be the same or related to the logo you are using. The file format must be ico. or png. and constrained to a maximum of 32 x 32 pixels.


Delete logo

  1. Select the bin icon
  1. Select ‘Save’  option to save your changes
Expected result

The logo and/or favicon has been updated


Brand manager