Making links and attachments easier to find in search


Best practice to make searching for links and attachments easier


Recommended steps


Use keywords in the title

Adding keywords in the title will help searchers identify whether its the correct  link/attachment without having to open the file


Use keywords in the summary

Add keywords in the summary to support the main context of the document. Remember to only use selected keywords as using too many keywords can widen the search and so provide false results


Bold text

Occasionally, bold key information in the summary so  keywords stand out


Create more links and attachments

Sometimes one link/attachment can contain a lot of information on multiple key topics causing information overload. To avoid this, create each link/attachment to focus only on one key topic where possible


Add an image

If possible, add an appropriate image to represent the link/attachment


Recent searches

If you have previously opened an attachment/link recently, it will show in the ‘Recent searches’ results


Next steps

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