@ mention all function


@ mentions are a good way to notify users of posts that relate to them. The @ mention all functionality adds the option in “Groups” to quickly mention all members of the group without having to mention each member individually


Activating and Configuring:

1) Navigate to the mentions configuration screen via Admin:
  – Home > Administration > Content settings > Mentions

2) Select the Allow to tag @all users within the group checkbox

3) Input a max limit of group members
  – Set to 0 if you wish to have no limit

4) Once you are happy with your set limit, click the ‘Save’ button

Expected result

You are now able to use the @all functionality in any groups whose members’ total is equal to or less than the set limit

Please note: We recommend not setting a limit over 1000 as this runs the risk of slowing down the response time or timing out completely