Mobile branding


These options control the display settings for you to customise your mobile app branding.

  1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ and then select ‘Mobile branding’ option located under ‘Branding’

2. Select ‘Colour set’, options available:

  • Default
  • Custom – If this option is selected then add a ‘Scheme name’ 

3. Configure colour scheme:

  • Menu background colour
  • First level nav link
  • Text colour
  • Normal state background colour
  • Normal state border colour 
  • Text colour 
  • Normal state background colour
  • Pressed state tab colour
  • Toolbar background colour 
  • Toolbar text colour
  • Mobile icons colour 

Export styles

  1. To export styles, select  ‘Export styles’ option
  2. Select ‘Save’ 
Expected result

Mobile branding has been added/updatex


Brand manager