Multi-media is a page that can display any form of content that presents more than one type of media simultaneously.



  1. In the workbar select “Create”
  2. Select ‘Multi-Media’
  3. Add title, summary, body and relate the manual to a section
  4. Add an image
  5. Change ‘Workflow state’ to ‘Published’
  6. Note: If you do not wish to publish your manual, leave the ‘Workflow state’ as ‘Draft’ or ‘Needs review’. Select ‘Enable preview mode’ in your profile menu to continue editing without users discovering an incomplete version. 
  7. Choose a related ‘Section’, e.g. Home, News, Handbook
  8. Add an accurate ‘Review date’
  9. Add the ‘Owner’
  10. Select ‘Save’


Expected result

You can create a multi-media page and display any form of content from multiple sources in one particular place.