New Starter Targeting

A new starter has joined the company. Within the first few weeks of joining the company, they will be required to complete a number of induction tasks over a set time period. These tasks will help the new starter to better understand the company’s policies and procedures as well as their role. The ‘New starter targeting’ widget allows the new starter to be guided through the material that they are expected to read and the content will be automatically updated depending on how many weeks the new starter has been with the company.  To configure the timelines I:
  1. Navigated to ‘Administration’ and selected ‘New starter timeframe’ located under ‘User settings’
  2. Gave the timeframe a name and selected a type, I then defined by adding the number.
  3. When I had created all possible timeframes. I then ‘SAVE’. 
These options are now available in the ‘Points on page overlay model’


The New Starter Targeting enables a newly onboarded user to be presented with content that takes them through the induction process for the organisation.

The content the New Starter sees can change depending on the stage of their induction and a series of specific ‘Timeframes’ from the user’s Start date, need to be configured.

For example:

  • Day 1 content
  • Week 1 content
  • Weeks 2-3 content
  • Month 1 content

Start date is based on the first time the New Starter logs for the first time.


Configure New Starter Timeframe

  1. Access the New Starter Timeframe at Administration > People & Teams > New Starter Timeframe
  • Title – Give the Timeframe a descriptive name
  • Type – Select Day, Days, Week or Weeks
  • Set the relevant number of days or weeks

You can create a maximum of 25 Timeframes