Onboarding and Product Tour Features

Custom tours are clear, informative guides to help users navigate all the features of your intranet and find the information they need, fast.

Custom tours are now available for all of our customers to use. Offering customisable and informative step by step guides, each organisation is able to guide individual users through their platform use.

A virtual tour guide around the intranet, they can walk users through each tool, app, content area, buttons, and all of their functions, so all users engage with your intranet to its full potential.

Custom tours can be set to focus on each feature, highlighting its exact location, and give a clear and precise description of its purpose and how to use it, before leaving users to explore and test run the intranet themselves.

Additionally, pop up overlays provide a new, multimedia communication tool, to ensure messages are received by all users, whether it be introducing a new feature, or content, or to advertise an upcoming event. 

This guide includes step-by-step tutorials and use cases for the 6 new custom tours features:


Pop up overlays

overlay modal widget

Provides a slideshow that can include a combination
of text and images

Points on page overlay modal widget

Provides a step by step user help tour that points out specific elements of the screen

The New Starter elements

New Starter Targeting

Enables a newly onboarded user to see content for specific ‘Timeframes’ from the user’s Start date

Task checklist widget

Display a list of tasks based on a specific ‘Timeframe’ from the New Starter user’s Start date

Induction Task List

Provides a slideshow that can include a combination of text and images

Profile Completion Indicators widget

Provides details of the new starter completion rates

Additional set up information 

Adding a CSS selector