PDF export


Individual content can be exported for policies, manuals and manual pages to PDF files in an accessible  format (Customer specific)

  1. Please navigate to the content that you would like to export
  2. Select the three dots (more option) and then ‘Export’ 
  3. You will be directed to the ‘Export Manual’ page
  4. Content can be exported when viewing the content. Choose from one of the  following options:
  • Export the latest published revision of these pages – This option will export the last revision created, regardless as to whether it is published or not
  • Export the latest revision of these pages – This option will only export revisions that are published

5. Select the ‘Export’ option 

Expected result

The pdf file will be sent to you via email ready for download


  • Author

  • Editor

  • Publisher

  • Section manager 

  • Webmaster