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Personalised Policies

Learn more about ‘Personalised Policies

What’s New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been changes made to the current areas on the intranet with one of them being ‘Personalised Policies‘:

    • When users read a policy they can confirm that they’ve actually read and understood the policy
    • Team switcher widget
    • Read confirmation widget


Create a Personalised Policy


  1. Navigate to the ‘+’ option in the ‘Workbar
  2. Select ‘Policy
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘Create Policy’ screen
  4. Follow the instructions for a normal policy – Policy documentation
  5. Select the ‘Tags’ tab – This is for a ‘General topic’ tag, select the relevant tag
  6. Select the ‘Target’ tab – Select relevant ‘team(s)
  7. In the Right Hand Drawer (RHD) select the checkbox:
    1. Add Read confirmation to policy’ – to allow users to select a checkbox to confirm they have read and understood the ‘Policy
    2. OR
    3. Reset all user Read confirmations’ 
  8. When adding any ‘Content’ to the ‘Body’ of the ‘Policy’ if it contains any ‘Merge tags’ (for example <<franchise>>) – the ‘Merge tags’ will be picked up automatically
  9. To add a new ‘Merge tag’ to the content, select the ‘Merge tags’ box located in the ‘WYSIWYG
  10. Select the relevant ‘Merge tag


Compatible widgets for a Personalised Policy


  1. There are two widgets that are compatible with a ‘Perosnalised Policy’:
    1. All content’ – widget
    2. Tags, categories and settings’ – widget
  2. Navigate to the ‘Menu item’ of where you would like to display your ‘Personalised Policy (Policies)’ 
  3. Select ‘Edit’ -> ‘Widgets’ 
  4. You will be redirected to the ‘Edit page’ screen
  5. Select the ‘+’ icon on where you would like the ‘Personalised Policy’ to appear 
  6. Select either:
    1. All content
      1. Enables a list of Policies that are either:
        1. Read – Confirmed as Read or 
        2. Unread – Unconfirmed as Read
      2. Filter the widget to only display the Policy targeted at the Section Team
    2. Tags, categories and settings
      1. Filter the widget to only display the Policy targeted at the Section Team


Edit Widget


  1. Navigate to the ‘Menu item’ of where your ‘Personalised Policy (Policies)’  is being displayed
  2. Select ‘Edit’ -> ‘Widgets
  3. Select the ‘Cog’ icon on the ‘Widget’ you would like to ‘Edit
  4. Select the ‘Filter’ tab 
  5. Select ‘Section team
  6. Select ‘Save


Allocating a section to its Territory / Team


  1. Create a new ‘Section
  2. Select ‘BC – Policy Location’ for a template
  3. Navigate to the ‘Team’ tab
  4. In ‘Relate to team’ – select your chosen team
  5. Navigate to the ‘Publishing’ heading in the ‘RHD
  6. Select the checkbox labelled ‘Restricted sections are only visible to members
  7. Select ‘Save


Team profile details




The ‘Merge Tags’ used to personalise the policies are set for each Team, via the Team Profile Details.


  1. Select ‘Teams’ in ‘Directory’ located in the ‘Workbar’
  2. Select the ‘Admin’ tab
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘Team’s Admin’ screen
  4. Select the ‘Profile details’ tab
  5. The ‘Team profile’ will be displayed
  6. To ‘Edit’ any of the profile details
    1. Select ‘Edit
    2. Add/Amend profile details 
    3. Save 


Read reporting 


  1. Navigate to your ‘Menu item’ with ‘Personalised Policies
  2. Select the ‘Three dots’ located at the top right of your ‘Menu item
  3. In the ‘Dropdown’ select ‘Read reporting
  4. You will be redirected to the ‘Read reporting’ page where there are two options:
    1. Select a ‘Policy
    2. Select a ‘User
  5. Select a Policy
    1. Begin typing a ‘Policy’ name
    2. Autocomplete’ will provide a list of policies with matching names
    3. Select your desired ‘Policy
    4. Two lists of users will be displayed:
      1. Read confirmed by
      2. Read not confirmed by
  6. Select a User
    1. Begin typing ‘Users’ name
    2. Autocomplete will provide a list of user(s) with matching names
    3. Select the ‘User’ required
  7. Two lists of ‘Policies’ will be displayed:
    1. Read confirmed
    2. Read not confirmed


Create a Local Policy 


  1. Navigate to the original ‘Master policy
  2. Select the ‘Master policy
  3. Select the ‘Three dots’ 
  4. From the dropdown select ‘Clone policy
  5. Title’ – Amend title to indicate this is a ‘Local Policy
    1. ie BBC72 Dress Code – Barnet only
  6. Target
    1. Below the country team – Select the local Territory (Team), for example:
      1. Team = England
      2. Team = Barnet
    2. Remove the other Countries, for example
      1. Scotland
      2. Wales
      3. Northern Ireland
  7. Change ‘Targeting’ on original ‘Master Policy
    1. Open original master policy


Master policy – Main body of content


  • Target
    • Add all country teams except the local policy Territory (Team), for example:
      • Team = England
        • Team = Ashford
      • Team = England
        • Team = Coventry
  1. Team = England
    1. Team = Dover


Managing Merge Tags 


  1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ in the ‘Workbar
  2. Locate ‘Franchise settings
  3. To ‘Create’ a new ‘Merge Tag
  4. Select the ‘Add Profile Field’ button
  5. Input the ‘Title’ of the ‘Merge tag
  6. Enter the ‘Merge tag’ e.g. <<franchise>>

Select ‘Save

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