Points on page overlay modal widget- use case

A new user has joined the company and will be using the Intranet site for the first time.The company needs a way to allow users to log in for the first time and understand the main features independently. The page overlay model widget will be the best solution for this.  This widget can be configured so that it provides a step by step help tour which points out important features on the screen. This widget can be configured on any page on the site. 

I configured this widget by: 

  1. Navigating to ‘Administration’ and selecting ‘Points on page overlay model’ located under ‘Intranet tools’ 
  2. I then specified the point positions that should be highlighted on the screen to give more information to the user and then ‘SAVE’
  3. I then navigated to the page where I would like the ‘Points on page overlay model’ widget to be displayed. 
  4. I selected ‘Edit’ and then ’Widgets’ 
  5. And then I selected the ‘+’ (Add widget) option to open the Widget library
  6. I selected ‘Points on page overlay modal’ widget
  7. On the ‘TITLE’ tab, I added a title for the tour I am creating
  8. From the ‘DISPLAY’ tab I added a:
  • Heading for the step
  • Summary for the step
  • The features that I would like the pointer to highlight 

9. I clicked ‘+ADD NEW STEP’ to add another point on the page

10. From the ‘TARGET’ tab: 

  • I selected ‘New starter’
  • I then selected how many weeks I want the content to be displayed
  • Once I was happy with the configuration, I selected the ‘ADD’ option 

The following screenshot shows how slideshow is displayed on the section 

Now when a user logs in they will be able to see the pointer displayed on the first option which I have configured. The user can click ‘NEXT’ to see the pointer run through all the features I had configured in the correct order