Policies are personalised based on the individual User’s Team (Territory). Each Team has a Team Profile that enables the local Team Admin or Webmaster to update the territories details against specific fields, which are added to the personalised policy using Merge Tags.



Creating and editing policy

  1. Go to ‘Administration’
  2. Select ‘Policy’ located under Structure
  3. Select ‘Add template’
  4. Input title and description
  5. Select ‘Save’
  6. To edit policy select ‘Settings’ in the operation column of the policy you want to adjust.
  7. Select desired template layout and any widgets that are required or can assist the policy. Also options available to ‘Disable’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Clone’ policy
  8. Select ‘Save’


Discovering policy

  1.  Navigate to ‘Administration’
  2. Select ‘Policy’ located under Structure
  3. Search for a particular policy in the search bar
  4. Or
  5. Filter by selecting particular “type” and “enabled”


Expected result

You will be able to add any policy along with any required widgets as well as being able to filter through already existing policies compared to having to scroll through all of them, saving time.