Search highlights

Search highlights allow you to promote certain content to the top of search results. For example, if someone was to search ‘GDPR’, you could make it so that any content associated with the search highlight GDPR will appear at the top of your users’ search results.

How to set up search highlights

    1. Go to Administration
    2. Under ‘Search settings’ select ‘Highlights’
    3. Select the ‘Add Search Highlight’ button
    4. Add search highlight term in the name field. Eg. GDPR
    5. Add description
    6. Under the ‘List’ component add one or more links to content you want to be promoted when users search with the search term GDPR
    7. Select the ‘Save’ button

    How to view your search highlights

    1. Enter the search term into the main search bar (Example GDPR)
    2. Select the ‘Search button’ or hit the return key
    3. View returned results (promoted)

    See video