Operational Security

What is operational security?

Security comes built in within Invotra. Our product, how it’s built and even who maintains it, all prioritise security. We follow the guidance set out by industry professionals and best practices to ensure that we are being proactive to prevent attacks. 

Protecting our assets

An asset is something that holds value to an organisation. We protect our assets by enforcing policies and procedures to ensure that we are protecting them for unnecessary risk. We have different levels of classifications, these are detailed within our internal compliance portal and each asset is assigned an appropriate classification. 

Invotra has strong policies in place to ensure the protection of our physical hardware assets and our offices. 


Invotra has built security into our working culture. Each year every member of staff goes through Security Awareness Training. In this meeting, we educate everyone on the latest trends in the security world. We go over topics such as what types of attacks are out there and how it would affect us if we do not protect against them. We also make sure that people are aware of the threats they could face in their personal lives as well as their working lives.

We focus on giving everyone a base layer of knowledge and the resources to go further if they wish to learn more. 

Within Invotra, we pride ourselves on our culture around security. We have taught people the risks around simple mistakes that anyone can make, for example, if you leave your work laptop unlocked while away from your desk, we are educating people that this is a security risk of data exposure or unauthorised access to logged-in systems. The risk would be low in the office however, what if this user left their device outside of the office? In a cafe perhaps, the risk of an authorised person accessing information causing data exposure, now becomes high. 

We’ve invented our own way to educate people around operational risk, here’s a blog that one of our employees has written if you want to find out more. 

Our accreditations

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  • Cyber Essentials Plus 
  • ISO 9001