Account creation

For users to start accessing the site, an account must first be created within Invotra. Account creation can be achieved through the following methods:

  • Import
  • Individual user creation through user management
  • API 

User accounts are not created on SSO authentication.


Users can be created in bulk by importing a CSV file from within Invotra admin’s import users page. When a user is imported that does not exist within Invotra, the user will be created. If importing a user who already exists, the user will be updated. Users are referenced using a unique GUUID. 

You can import users as either organisational or external users by selecting the appropriate role under the combobox. 

If you are expecting any newly created users to be signing in with email and password, you should select the Notify users of new account checkbox to send them a temporary password to enable them to sign in. For more information see Temporary passwords.

Account creation screen

For further information on importing users, see data imports.

User management

Users can be created individually from the user management page. Users created through this method will only be able to sign in with email and password as the authname field is not provided. Within here, you must enter the following details:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password (manual or generated)

Note: if you are planning on users being able to authenticate via SSO in the future, please import the users instead.



Invotra’s REST API offers POST requests to provision user accounts. For more information see the API documentation.


Next steps

See how users can start signing in by reading the Authentication page.


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