Editable Fields

What are Editable Fields?

Editable fields allows webmasters to determine which fields are editable, disabled or hidden within a users profile as well as restricting fields to only be editable by certain roles.

Editable fields are typically used to disable fields which are being mastered in a separate piece of software such as your active directory. For example, if the email address is being imported into Invotra, you may not want people to be able to change it within the system and can, therefore, disable it.


How to use Editable fields

Navigate to the configuration page

  1. As a Webmaster, go to Administration
  2. Under ‘People and Teams’ -> ‘Profile settings’ select ‘Editable fields’

Administration menu with editable fields highlighted

Roles who can edit fields

This section allows you to configure roles who are able to override the editable fields setting and edit any fields. The best practice is to only apply this to superuser roles such as Webmaster.

To enable the override for a role, simply tick the checkbox next to the desired role.

Webmaster checked on list of roles who can edit fields


Enter text in this box that you would like to display for disabled fields to provide some information to your end-users as to why the fields are disabled.

Text field to add description to be added to field

The description will display where the disabled field is placed on the profile edit page.


Editable Fields configuration table

The table at the bottom of the screen is where you configure the profile fields that you wish to be disabled and/or completely hidden from your users.

The columns in the table are:


Use the tick boxes in this column to disable the relevant field(s). Disabled fields will still be visible to the end-user when they edit their profile but they will not be able to edit them.

The recommended practise here is to disable any fields which are coming from other sources such as your HR system or active directory.


Use the tick boxes in this column to completely hide the relevant field(s). Hidden fields will not be available at all for the end-user when they edit their profile.

The recommended practise here is to hide any fields which your organisation do not allow in the workplace such as social media fields.

Field name

This column provides you with all of the names of the fields which are available when editing your Invotra profile.

Editible fields configuration table with options to make field hidden, disabled and displaying field names and labels