Empty Profile Configuration

What is empty profile configuration?

The empty profile configuration allows updates to user profile pages throughout the site. It controls:

1. Which details are displayed on the user profile page

2. Placeholders to display if the field is left empty

As a default, all fields filled in the user profile will be displayed on the user page.

Note: these changes only affect the user profile page. To affect the fields displayed on the edit profile page, please see the editable fields guide.

How to use the empty profile settings

Navigate to the configuration page

You’ll need to be a webmaster to do this.

1. As a webmaster, go to Invotra admin

2. Under People and Teams, select Empty profile configuration

Invotra admin screenshot

Empty profile configuration screen

Hiding fields from the profile view

Displaying or hiding fields from user profiles is as straightforward as selecting a checkbox. Only fields which are checked will display on the user profile page.

Empty profile configuration screen

Using placeholders for empty fields

If a field is to be displayed on the profile page but nothing has been added to the field, by default the information will not be presented. To display placeholder text instead for any fields which are displayed but empty, enter the placeholder text into the placeholder column.

Note: if the field is set to not display, the placeholder will not be used.

Phone number field in empty profile configuration screen

User profile phone number section


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