Merging job roles

To avoid a bloated list of job roles, with many serving the same purpose, merge similar job roles to keep your data clear and obvious for everyone.

Here’s how you merge job roles:

As a webmaster…

1. Go to ‘Administration’ from your workbar

2. Locate the category ‘Intranet tools’ and select ‘Mastering data’

3. In mastering data, check ‘Job roles’ if it’s not checked already

4. Go back into ‘Administration’ from the breadcrumb

5. Locate the ‘People and teams’ category and the subcategory, ‘Profile settings’

6. Select ‘Job role’

7. Search for the two job roles you want to merge into one and check both of them

Note, you can merge more than two job roles, you can merge as many as you want into one. You may also need to create a new term that you want two or more job roles to merge into; you do this by selecting ‘Add terms’ and adding the new job role.

8. When you have checked the two job roles, select the ‘Choose an operation’ dropdown

9.Select ‘Merge job roles’

10. Select ‘Next’

11. Choose the master terms, the job role you want to keep

12. Select ‘Next’

You will be updated when the job roles have merged.