Portal homepage

What is the Portal homepage?

The Portal homepage is a special landing page within Invotra where external users are redirected to by default. Only external users and webmasters have access to the portal homepage.

The homepage itself can be configured to suit your organisational needs.

Configuring the homepage

Admin configuration

To configure and access the portal homepage:

1. Navigate to Administration

2. Under ‘Structure’ -> ‘Extranet’ select ‘Homepage’

From here you can configure:

  • Homepage title
    • The title of the page
  • Homepage text
    • A text block which is available to display as a widget on the portal homepage

There is also a link at the bottom of the screen called ‘Access the external user homepage’ which will take you straight there. Alternatively, at any point, you can insert ‘/external’ in your URL to get to the portal homepage.

Customising the homepage

In order to customise the portal homepage:

1. Navigate to the portal homepage

2. Click on ‘In Place Editor’

In Place Editor button

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