Share content with groups


A user is able to share site content with other users via groups using the ‘Share’ option. They have to be a group member to share content within the group.

Step by step:

To share content via Groups:

  1. Navigate to the content that you would like to share 
  2. Select the ‘Share’ option
  3. From the ‘Groups’ tab type the name of the group you would like to share the content with then select the ‘Share’ option

The content has now been shared with the group. When members view the group, they will be able to see the link for the post that has been shared 

If the users would like to view the content they can select the title of the content and will be redirected to that page.

Notifications types:

When content is shared via groups, group members will receive the following:

  1. Notification message in the notification menu – when the user selects this option then they will be directed to the group post
  2. Email notification 
  3. Feed message

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